RNC Video Diary: Bringing the Bush Years to the Convention

Here's my collection of posts from convention week:
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The GOP is intent on keeping George Bush -- and his disastrous legacy -- as far away from John McCain and the convention as possible. If they could have had him beam in his speech via satellite from Mars rather than Washington, they would have.

But with McCain closely aligning himself with Bush's ruinous policies, this race really is a referendum on The Bush Years. So we decided to bring a stark reminder of those years to the Republican Convention. We took the posters award-winning ad exec Rich Silverstein, with a huge assist from the HuffPost community, created to graphically remind voters what the last seven-and-a-half-years of Republican rule have wrought and put them up in bus stop kiosks around St. Paul. And then we went to Minneapolis and rolled out a 60-foot version.

Check out the video of the unrolling:

We've created a screen saver of the final poster that you can download by clicking here (for Mac users) or here (PC users). Watch the last seven-plus years roll across your desk top. Be prepared to shudder.

And you can purchase the posters here.

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