Ro Ro Ro, Say It Ain't So

One of the things I love about Rosie
Is how she writes these blogs
And they're poetry

When I do this
It's not poetry.
When she does it,
It is.

even if i do it in lower-case letters
like Rosie
it's not poetry

Not that I know anything about poetry:

Last year I wrote a poem.
I tried to put it in my book.
My editor said, this isn't poetry.
That was the end of my poem.
Oh well.

Also Rosie writes haiku.

I am bad at haiku
I don't understand the form
Explain it to me:

Five seven five, right?
Five words or five syllables?
I just don't get it

Is this a haiku:
I feel sad about The View
Say it ain't so Ro

Or is it just a bunch of words?

I loved The View
I couldn't stop watching.
Must-See TV, thy name is The View.
You can see why my editor was adamant I cut the poem.

I even made my husband watch.
And he did. On the treadmill.
I said, trust me, it's riveting
It's a hockey game
There might be blood on the ice
You'll see.

He had to admit it was amazing
He wasn't just being nice
He meant it
Then he went back to watching the World Series of Poker.

Would Rosie go too far?
Would Barbara have a heart attack?
And how funny is Joy Behar?
Elizabeth was the only person I knew who was in favor of the war
Not that I knew her
But I watched her every day
and fought with her
Through Rosie.
It was exciting.

Last week on Wednesday there was a big fight.
On Thursday's episode,
Before we knew that Rosie was never coming back,
Kathy Griffin said this thing that I would like to quote, although not exactly:

She said, but it's the only show where women argue about politics
Or something like that.
And it's true.
It is.
It was.
I loved it.

So I feel sad
And full of woe
I am going to miss
My Ro.