Police Reportedly Close Motorway To Search For Man's Missing Penis

Police Reportedly Close Road To Search For Man's Penis

Police in the United Kingdom reportedly shut down part of a busy motorway in Middlesbrough, England, Thursday to search for a man's missing penis.

According to U.K. news outlet Metro, the road was closed off after an unnamed 40-year-old man was found at the side of the road in a "distressed" state. The man's penis had reportedly been cut off.

It is believed that police shut down the motorway in the hopes of finding the man's severed penis, though it is still unclear whether or not the appendage was found.

The BBC reports that a 22-year-old man was later arrested on "suspicion of assault."

In a statement, local police said they could "confirm that the man found this morning on the A66 [motorway] had wounds to his groin area," per the BBC. The man was reportedly checked into a hospital and put into an induced coma.

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