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"Road To Guantanamo" Offers Disturbing Glimpse into Gitmo Torture

In this clip, former detainee Shafiq Rasul recounts a method of torture used by the US Army against the Gitmo detainees.
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The movie "
" arrives just when the debate about Gitmo's secret practices is reaching critical mass:
, yesterday's
, the growing
. News of what goes on there has, of course, been kept to a minimum (but
, of course), but that is the subject of the new film from Michael Winterbottom (Tristam Shandy, 24 Hour Party People) and Mat Whitecross, a frequent editor on Winterbottom's films. Part documentary, part dramatization, the film tells the story of the "Tipton Three" - three British muslims on their way to a wedding in Pakistan who were captured while crossing through Afghanistan and were sent to Guantanamo, where they were held without charges for two years.

In the clip below (exclusive to the Huffington Post), former detainee Shafiq Rasul recounts a method of torture used by the US Army against the Gitmo detainees: being chained to the floor of a holding cell in a crouch position for up to six hours with a strobe light fixed on his face and deafening music blasting in his cell. In the trailer above, that moment is juxtaposed with Donald Rumsfeld's voice: "The fact remains, the treatment is proper...there is no doubt in my mind that it is humane, and consistent with the Geneva convention, for the most part." That "for the most part" is what "Road To Guantanamo" is all about.

Today from 1-2pm EST on, co-director Matt Whitecross will be live to answer questions and discuss theistory; the Tipton Three — Shafiq, Asif, and Ruhel — will field questions as they are posted on the site. Comments may be posted directly to the link above and the livechat will be here.

"Road To Guantanamo" - Exclusive Clip for The Huffington Post:

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