Road Trip Eating: A Quick Guide to Healthy Travel

It doesn't have to be all potato chips and Diet Cokes. I managed to find some healthy and down right satisfying meals between the Sriracha whoopie pies (a real thing in Wyoming) and fast food freeways on this drive across America. The following are some tips and tricks to eating healthy while on the road.

1. Bring a cooler. This will keep you from having to buy single-serve options of food and will keep costs down. Fresh is best.

2. Look for a grocery store. It may take you off the main exit a little ways, but it's worth it to find a grocery store versus gas station fare on your road trip. Stock up on fresh fruit and pre-cut veggies. Hit the deli which these days almost always has some sort of healthyish kale or broccoli salad, grilled meat, or hard cooked eggs.

3. When in doubt, Subway. Luckily, Subways are just as common as any other fast food chain. I like to get the chopped salad sans cheese with the balsamic vinaigrette.

4. Snack smart. Dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix, chips and salsa, and fresh fruit are relatively healthy and easy to find. Gum keeps me busy for awhile, too.

5. Take the time to eat. It's easy to go go go. When I'm driving solo I often get in a just-get-me-there-already mind frame and will charge on without taking breaks. This usually results in a lunch of chips and jelly beans. Take it easy, you have time to stop for lunch. When you're not completely starving your brain is more able to make healthy choices.

6. Don't stress. There were days when I may or may not have drank 10 cups of coffee, replaced a meal with trail mix, or indulged in (gasp!) pizza. You can always grab yourself a dang green juice or smoothie from a coffee shop and detox your way out of those slip-ups. Not everyone is willing to miss out on a Sriracha whoopie pie so just eat what you need to in that moment and make it up to yourself later. Above all, enjoy your trip!