How A Road Trip Can Make Your Family Stronger

How A Road Trip Can Make Your Family Stronger

Oh, the milestones of a good ol' family road trip. Whether it's throwing your suitcases in the car, singing on the road or dealing with the unexpected flat tire, cramming into a vehicle and driving cross country can bring your family closer together.

But what exactly is it about family road trips that make your bond stronger? Dr. John Duffy, a clinical psychologist and the author of The Available Parent, thinks it's all about the resilience that is built up, especially when family strife breaks out on the road.

"In the wake of family vacations, a family hits some snag, has some kind of difficult time," Duffy said. "And, when we have all that juice from the vacation, all that good will built up, all those memories, all those good times, we can lean on that a little bit so we’re more resilient as a family to everything that happens afterwards."

Watch the full conversation about turning traveling into a lasting memory below:

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