How To Take Stunning Road Trip Photos, Even If You're Not A Pro

Spring is in the air, our engines are revved up, and it's a perfect time to plan the ideal American road trip. While on the road, of course you're gonna want to capture every magical second to the best of your Insta-worthy ability.

So start now. We've partnered with EyeEm, an online community of photographers, to round up the best tips for taking professional-style road trip pics.

Heed their photographers' artistic advice, then share your own photos in EyeEm's Portrait of America challenge. To enter, simply share a photo via the EyeEm app that shows us your America -- the people, everyday moments, places or stories that define what America is for you -- and tag it "Portrait of America."

Happy snapping (and mapping)!

Pro Tip #1: Don't just focus on scenery.
"There is an intimacy of taking photographs of people that you can’t get with a landscape... Take photographs of your fellow travelers interacting with the landscape, combining the two will make for an appealing composition." -Zach Louw
Pro Tip #2: Know when to pick up the camera and when to savor the moment.
"It's important to be selective when shooting. Sometimes you gotta put the camera away and live in the moment. That's what traveling is all about!" -Matt Lief Anderson
Pro Tip #3: Let an app balance light for you.
"Download the Cortex Cam app, which eliminates noise and provides a bit of sharpening in low light shots. This app really (makes) low-light photography possible on an iPhone." -Pei Ketron
Pro Tip #4: Invest in a tripod, or DIY.
"Nothing will beat the quality you can get from shooting on a solid tripod... If you don’t have a tripod, find something solid to use, like your car roof, a rock, a post... just anything that’s not going to move!" -Cameron Gardner
Soudan Underground Mine State Park

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