Roasterie Offers Library-Themed Coffee To Support Public Libraries

There’s no happier relationship than the one between coffee and books, or rather, the relationship between a reader and her coffee and books. There’s a good reason chain bookstores these days are generally doing a brisk trade in lattes for their browsing customers. Authors and Pinterest users have waxed poetic about the joys of combining a steaming mug of joe with a good read.


Libraries, however, haven’t gotten in on the caffeine game with such alacrity. They are, after all, public services rather than businesses looking to score the cost of a scone and a frappuccino from readers. Fortunately, coffee purveyor The Roasterie has finally joined together coffee and libraries, natural allies, with their two library-themed roasts. Each roast also supports a library, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to a public library; the Library Lovers blend benefits the Mid-Continent Public Library, while the Library blend benefits the Kansas City Public Library.

If you love French roast and supporting literacy, your day has finally come: Both blends benefit a good cause and come in the popular French roast, one with floral top notes and the other with hints of “chocolate molasses.”

BookRiot contributor Chris Arnone spread the word about the socially conscious blends after finding one in his stocking this Christmas. Now we're just hoping this trend will spread outside of Kansas City -- library- and coffee-lovers have been waiting for this perfect combination for too long. Until then, we'll stick with checking out library books and savoring them over mugs of delicious coffee.



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