This Magician Had An Excellent Reason For Ripping Up A Homeless Veteran's Sign

Most people who'd enjoy tearing a homeless man's cardboard sign probably wouldn't be doing it for the sake of humanity. But most people aren't Rob Anderson.

In the magician's YouTube video posted on Oct. 1, Anderson approached Alan McKracken -- a homeless veteran who is always determined to make strangers smile, "even if they [don't] give him any money." Anderson asked to see the sign McKracken used to ask for help from others, and then began ripping it up into scraps, right in front of him.

"Can I keep the magic marker to make another sign?" McKracken asked in the video.

Moments later, Anderson unfolds the sign and a handful of money falls to the sidewalk. All of it was given to the homeless vet. After learning more about McKracken, the generous do-gooder -- whose also been known to "magically" feed the homeless and transform $1 bills into $20 bills for them as well -- launched a GoFundMe page for his new friend in need.

As of Friday afternoon, more than $29,000 had been raised for the U.S. Army veteran. Anderson assures givers on the page that every last dollar will help McKracken -- who is currently staying in a shelter and receiving services provided by the VA -- to get back on his feet.

Anderson said on Twitter that he has been "blown away by the generosity" from strangers, and noted on the fundraising page that McKracken is optimistic about moving forward with job-searching, now that he's living in temporary housing.

If you'd like to help or learn more about McKracken, visit his GoFundMe page.



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