The Feeling To Ignore When You're On An Emotional Roller Coaster (VIDEO)

When we're feeling stressed, it's easy to spin out of control and let our emotions take over. Is it your ego talking? Is it fear? Progressive pastor and spiritual thinker Rob Bell, star of the new series "The Rob Bell Show," explains which feelings to trust -- and which to ignore -- when you're on an emotional roller coaster ride.

"One of the most helpful things is to get it outside of you," Bell tells #OWNSHOW. Ask yourself: What of this is real and what of this is fear over things that may never happen?

Many times, Bell says, we have anxiety over an event that may never transpire. The present, he explains, is what you should put your trust in. "What are the few things that are actually relevant for this moment?" he says.

For example, let's say you're feeling incredibly stressed about an upcoming event. "Can I do anything about that?" Bell says to ask yourself. "No, because it's next Thursday. OK, then I don't have any space to stress about it."

If you're finding it difficult to focus on the present, Bell says the key is to take a moment to step back. "Part of it is just seeing it," he says. "And almost being an observer -- learning to be an observer of your own emotions."

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"The Rob Bell Show" premieres Sunday, December 21 at 7 p.m. ET on OWN.



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