Rob Bell On How To Reboot When You're Stuck In A Rut (VIDEO)

How To Reboot When You're Stuck In A Rut

Have you been stuck in the same lane for longer than you'd like to admit? If your career is on a path to nowhere or your relationship is in a rut, renowned pastor and best-selling author Rob Bell has a plan to get you unstuck.

In the above "Help Desk" video, he sits down with Jill-Michele, a single 34-year-old actress and comedian living in Los Angeles. In both her career and her love life, she keeps running into walls. "I'll have a great relationship, and then something will happen and it will just fall out," Jill-Michele says. "And in [my] career, I have enough money to pay rent and I'm grateful, and I have these gracious times -- but then I fall into these depressions that are just so horrible."

Bell lets Jill-Michele know that her feelings are completely normal. After getting a few more details, he realizes that she may be unintentionally holding herself back. "If I were you, I would step outside of your world," the Love Wins author advises.

"When somebody says they're stuck in their life, my first instinct is, 'Then go make a bigger life,'" Bell says.

He wants Jill-Michele to think about what she loves to do and find a place where she can volunteer -- be it tutoring, offering hospice care, or helping in an under-resourced urban neighborhood.

"The way that it works is whenever you engage with someone else's suffering, it puts your own perspectives into place," Bell says.

The new environment may have other benefits as well. "By the way, you also might meet somebody who's also doing something similar," Bell says. And who knows -- she may even find some new comedy material. "Added bonus," he says. "Not the reason you do it. [The reason] you do it is this sense of, 'I need to reboot my life and I'm just stuck in the same track.'"

"I appreciate that because I needed that," Jill-Michele says. "It resonated with me. Thank you so much."

Later in the episode, Bell explains how to make time to pursue your life's work.

"Help Desk" airs Sundays at noon ET on OWN.

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