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'Rob!': Rob Schneider And Cheech Marin Preview New CBS Comedy (VIDEO)

Rob Schneider may be the star of the new CBS "Rob!" but his wife came up with the show's concept. The comedian stopped by "The Talk" (weekdays on CBS) on Tuesday with his co-stars Cheech Marin and Claudia Bassols, and discussed how the show was born. "My wife, she's from Mexico, this show was her idea," he explained. Throwing on his best Mexican accent, Schneider recounted that she told him, "You know, Robert, you should do a show where you marry a Mexican girl," but Aisha Tyler interrupted him to call out his accent. "Are you married to Al Pacino, Rob?" she joked.

The show follows Rob as he struggles to fit in with, and win over, his Mexican wife's extended family. Cheech Marin plays Rob's wife's father, and after Schneider talked about how excited he is to be working with the legend of stoner comedy, Marin quipped that, "It's great for me, because I get 150 hours of court-mandated community service out of it." But Tyler wouldn't let Marin get away with hiding behind his "Up In Smoke" character. "What you really don't know about this man is that he's some crazy closet genius," she said, before recounting how Marin cleaned up on an episode of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" they did together.

At that point, Schneider interjected. "I'm a real big fan of 'Jeopardy! and everything, but we've got our own show," he quipped. When he mentioned that his wife was in the studio audience, Tyler took a moment to note how lucky Schneider should be feeling. "Your wife is so beautiful, and so is Claudia [his TV wife], so you're in a happy sandwich right now." Perhaps she should have said a happy torta.

"Rob!" premieres Thurs., Jan. 12 at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

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