Rob Delaney Talks Abortion, Comedy And That Famous Green Speedo With 'Vice' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rob Delaney Weighs In On VA Abortion Bill

Comedian Rob Delaney might have built his fan base by being ridiculously funny on Twitter, but that doesn't mean his opinions are relegated to his computer. He recently sat down with VICE, the magazine that hosts his column, to talk IRL about everything from his green Speedo to politics.

It turns out that Delaney wasn't always a fan of the site that helped launch his career. "I heard about it on the news or something, and it sounded very unappealing," he joked. It wasn't until he read that Louis CK had an account that he considered getting one himself. "I was on Facebook, and Louis CK said that he'd joined Twitter, and I thought, 'Well he usually does things that I think are funny and intelligent. I should check it out.'" The rest is history.

Delaney's tweets range from the ridiculous to more serious fare, but he had no qualms about getting serious in the interview.

One topic at the top of Delaney's list of gripes is the hotly-debated Virginia abortion bill that would require women to be given a medically-unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasound before the procedure.

Delaney called the proposition "torture":

And maybe it's 'cause I'm a man and it's easier for me to see -- it's easier for me to be an Other -- and say, 'Oh, I see this thing that's happening to this group of people that represents more than half of our planet's population, and it's so f*ckin' wrong that I'm gonna do my one little bit that I possibly can to try and help.

So the next time you see Delaney tweet about his dick or the contents of his son's diaper, just remember that dude's got some highbrow stuff to say too.


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