Rob Ford Gets Defensive With Matt Lauer On The 'Today' Show (VIDEO)

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Scandal-plagued Toronto mayor Rob Ford still won't quit.

Speaking with "Today" show anchor Matt Lauer after a dramatic city council session in which the mayor was stripped of many of his powers, Ford said that he doesn't plan on going anywhere.

"We've all made mistakes, Matt," Ford said in a prickly exchange broadcast Tuesday morning. "I'm not perfect. Maybe you are. Maybe other people are. I've made mistakes -- I admitted to my mistakes."

Ford admitted earlier this month to having smoked crack cocaine sometime during the past few years while he was "extremely inebriated." He also admitted to purchasing illegal drugs.

The mayor bristled when Lauer asked what he would do if there was a major emergency in the city of Toronto while Ford was on one of his 'binges.' He dodged the question, throwing it back on Lauer. "That could happen with anybody at any time. Say you had gone out drinking and you were drunk and something happened to your family --"

"The lives of a million people don't rest on my decisions," Lauer interjected.

Ford also told Lauer that he isn't seeking any kind of alcohol or drug treatment program.

"Do you still want this job?" Lauer asked.

"Absolutely. October 27, let the people decide."



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