Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor Who Smoked Crack, Wants To Be Prime Minister One Day

Rob Ford: 'I Do Want To Run For Prime Minister'

Despite having admitted to smoking crack cocaine and buying illegal drugs, Toronto's flamboyant mayor Rob Ford wants to be prime minister one day. Ford made his ambitions known in an exclusive interview with Fox News Channel's John Roberts on Sunday.

"Most definitely I can," Ford said on running for the office, according to a transcript of the full interview published by the Toronto Star. "You know we all make mistakes and we move on. All I can do is apologize, which I have done profusely," Ford added.

Toronto's City Council stripped Ford of some of his powers last week, after the mayor confessed to what were previously allegations about his drug use. Several videos documenting Ford's erratic behavior have been circulating in previous weeks.

The council is set to vote in a special meeting Monday on additional measures that would make Ford little more than a figurehead. According to The Canadian Press, the motion would put the mayor's office and budget under the deputy mayor's control.

Ford remains defiant, however, describing the members of the council as "left wing tax and spend socialists" that "do not like to be held accountable" in the Fox interview.

"I can assure you if the Council wants to continue what it’s doing –- stripping me of all my powers, taking away my staff –- they can’t stop me from showing up to Council, debating every issue," he said, adding that he expects to win next year's mayoral election.

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