Rob Gronkowski Doesn't Flinch At Mention of 'Retirement'

"I'm definitely going to look at my future, for sure."

Have we seen the last of Gronk?

Reporters peppered a subdued Rob Gronkowski with questions about retirement after his New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl Sunday night. And he didn’t do much to shoot down the speculation.

The 28-year-old tight end had been under the NFL’s concussion protocol until Thursday. He caught nine Tom Brady passes for 116 yards and 2 touchdowns in Sunday’s 41-33 defeat.

Asked at a postgame press conference to confirm a report that he was “potentially retiring,” Gronkowski replied in the segment above: “I don’t know how you heard that but I mean I’m definitely going to look at my future, for sure. I’m going to sit down the next couple of weeks and see where I’m at.”

Pressed further about what would push him to retire, he said: “I’m not ready for these types of questions right now. I’m just going to sit down, reflect on the season, talk to my teammates.”

In a brilliant but injury-riddled career, Gronkowski has broken his left forearm twice, fractured his vertebra and torn the ACL and MCL in his right knee. He has also suffered a host of less serious problems for which he missed games.

But if he indeed is going to hang it up, it sounds like he’s going to give it more thought.

“We just lost,” he said. “I just wanna just sit back, relax the next couple of weeks. I really, really got nothing to say about that right now.”