Rob Gronkowski Says 'Yo Soy Fiesta' To ESPN Deportes After Patriots Win (VIDEO)

Que gracioso! New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has given us an early and unlikely nominee for sports interview of 2012 when he spoke with ESPN Deportes following the Patriots' AFC Championship Game triumph over the Ravens on Sunday.

Gronkowski, who finished the game with a team-high 87 receiving yards, made an attempt to flex his Spanish skills while being interviewed by a bi-lingual reporter -- and the results were muy entertaining.

ESPN Deportes correspondent John Sutcliffe asked each question in Spanish -- leaving the former University of Arizona standout appearing visibly confused while trying to keep up -- before posing it again in English. Gronkowski began his response to the initial query "What does it mean today that the defense really got the W?" by saying "Hola, me llamo Roberto."

The highlight of the exchange occurred when Gronkowski was asked if he would celebrate the victory, to which he responded with what is sure to instantly become a commonly used saying, "Si. Yo soy fiesta."

For those who opted for French class in high school, Gronkowski said, "Yes. I am party."

Yes you are, Rob Gronkowski, yes you are. With any luck this won't be Gronkowski's last spanish language television appearance as "El Gronko" truly sounds like it could be a great Lucha Libre name.


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