Rob Kardashian Accused Of Stealing Paparazzo's Memory Card After Being Snapped Shirtless (REPORT)(UPDATE)

Do not try to keep up with Rob Kardashian.

Rob recently admitted he has packed on the pounds after splitting up with girlfriend Rita Ora last year, and stated he is trying to lose 40 pounds. But despite sharing his exercise routines with his fans on Twitter, Rob doesn't seem to want to share his work in progress.

A photographer in Los Angeles filed a complaint yesterday that the Kardashian brother stole her camera's memory card after she snapped him shirtless. The 26-year-old really didn't want those photos reaching the press, reports Daily Mail.

Rob not only grabbed the photographer's camera to remove the card, reports the Los Angeles Times, but "during the struggle, the paparazzi stated that she was struck in the face by Rob Kardashian," according to a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department.

According to TMZ though, Rob promised the paparazzo he'll pay for the card later. No word yet if he has, and a request for comment made to Rob's rep was not immediately answered.

Exactly one year ago this week, Rob was involved in another incident with a paparazzo, this time in Miami. As reports go, Rob noticed a man snapping his photos from across the street while he was walking with a female friend. Though used to cameras following him around, Rob started chasing the photographer and the two ran into a smoke shop.

Cops came soon after and cuffed the Kardashian brother, and the paparazzo was heard saying "He's attacking me… he tried to kill me!" Rob was not arrested, and upon questioning was then released.

UPDATE: TMZ recounts Rob's side of the story, by which he was changing his clothes in the garage of a privately owned gym when the photographer started snapping his photos. Eyewitnesses reportedly corroborate his version.

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