Rob Kardashian Apparently Tweeted Kylie Jenner's Phone Number

Because Monday didn't have enough going on.

As if the presidential debate wasn’t enough drama for the internet on Monday, Rob Kardashian decided to up the ante.

A little after 10 p.m. Eastern time, he apparently took to Twitter to air some grievances with his younger sister, Kylie Jenner. In a series of tweets, he revealed what he said was his sister’s phone number two times. 

The first tweet assures us that it is Robert sending the tweets, but that has yet to been confirmed.

The third tweet suggests that Blac Chyna was not invited to a baby shower the Kardashian family threw for Rob. Hmm...

Knowing Rob’s history with social media, he’ll likely delete these tweets once the fight blows over ― assuming he wrote them in the first place.

Here’s hoping Kylie changes her number, stat.

We have reached out to Robert Kardashian’s representative for comment and will update this accordingly when we hear back.



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