Rob Kardashian Shares His First Selfie In Years On Instagram

Does this mean he'll be making more appearances on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" again?

Robert Kardashian, the apparent black sheep of his famous family, has posted his first selfie in what seems like forever. 

The 28-year-old took to Instagram Sunday night to share a black-and-white selfie with the simple caption, "Gnight." (We can't say whether or not the photo is recent, but if it is, he looks great.) 

Judging by the comments, fans were excited to see the reality star's selfie. One commenter wrote, "Yesss the best for you!! I missed your face @robkardashian," while another added, "Looking hot as f." 

The photo comes just days after Kardashian shared a throwback pic that poked fun at his weight gain. In the shot,which he captioned, "Started right here with these milkshakes hahaha👅👅 👿👿...#throwbackthursday," he's seen drinking a massive milkshake

Out of the 12 photos on his current Instagram page (most of which are quotes and screen grabs), the latest photo is the first without a #tbt tag. So what does it all mean?! We wish we knew. 


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