Rob Levitt Of Mado Carves A Pig For Protein University's 'Who's Your Butcher?' Contest (VIDEO)

Meat-carving greatness is on the line for twenty of the country's best butchers, including two from right here in Chicago.

Protein University, which calls itself "the first sustainable butcher network in the United States," is holding a competition called "Who's Your Butcher?" Chefs and experts from around the country submitted videos explaining their techniques and showing off their sustainable and technical chops (no pun intended).

Chuck Sudo, who keeps an eye on all things foodie for Chicagoist, pointed out yesterday that Rob Levitt, chef at mado, is one of the 20 finalists in the contest. Levitt holds pig butchering demos periodically at the restaurant, where interested parties shell out $50 for the experience of watching and learning as he gets his renowned cuts of meat off a whole pig.

A video from one of those sessions has made it to the final round of "Who's Your Butcher?" Also representing the former "Hog Butcher for the World" (yes, that's Chicago) is Kari Underly, founder of meat consulting firm Range Partners. In her submission, she breaks down a whole side of beef.

Voting on the videos is open through Saturday; watch the videos, then go here and support your local meat masters.

Rob Levitt:

Kari Underly:

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