Rob Lowe As Drew Peterson In Lifetime Movie (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Rob Lowe As Drew Peterson

You might know him as the idealistic deputy communications director Sam Seaborn from "The West Wing," or as the smarmy TV executive Benjamin Kane from Wayne's World. These days, he's making a name for himself as fitness addict Chris Traeger on "Parks and Recreation."

But Rob Lowe is about to undertake a very different kind of role. He's slated to play Drew Peterson, the police officer accused of killing one of his wives and strongly suspected in the disappearance of a second, in a forthcoming Lifetime movie.

The network just released the first photo of Lowe in his Peterson costume and makeup. Here it is:

People reports that it takes a full nine hours of hair and make-up time to achieve the look.

And NBC Chicago points out a disturbing fact: the photo of Lowe is posed based on a picture of Peterson with his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson:

Stacy has been missing since October 28, 2007. It was her disappearance, and reports by friends and loved ones that she'd feared for her life, that prompted police to re-open the death of Kathleen Savio, Drew's previous wife.

Peterson is now charged with first-degree murder in Savio's death, which was originally thought to be an accident. He faces no charges related to Stacy, as she (or her body) has not yet been found.

The movie about Peterson, "Untouchable," is shooting now in Los Angeles.

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