Rob Lowe Shows Jimmy Kimmel How He Uses Grindr

Because DTF in Rob's world stands for "definite television fan."

Rob Lowe has discovered the perfect way to round up audiences for his new Fox series, "The Grinder."  

On Wednesday night's installment of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the eternally handsome actor, 51, suggested using the gay social app Grindr to connect male fans of "The Grinder" with "other guys in their area" who happen to, um, enjoy the show, too. 

"You just open the app and scroll through hundreds of men who share your passion for bold network comedy," Lowe jokes in the hilarious skit. He contacts one Grindr user who described himself as "DTF," which the actor interprets as "definite television fan," although it soon becomes clear he's in for a little more than he bargained for.  

It isn't the first time that Lowe offered a cheeky response to his show sharing a name (albeit with a different spelling) with the popular app. One a fan asked him about the similarities in a Reddit AMA, the actor joked it that it was "one of the reasons we chose the title."

"If the phrase 'let me grind with you' doesn't make you smile, we're probably not on the same comedy wavelength," he said. 

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