Rob Lowe On Staying Young And Why He'll Never Golf Again

Rob Lowe Reveals Why He's An Ageless Wonder

Rob Lowe has undoubtedly discovered the secret to anti-aging and we all want to know it -- including Conan O'Brien. The '80s heartthrob was on the late night show when the issue of aging came up. Conan pointed out that Lowe hasn't aged a bit and that it's frankly "spooky."

Lowe quipped that he's simply "aging on the inside", adding that he's "103 at heart." (Meanwhile, Conan thinks he's aging like a rotting fruit. We disagree, Coco.) Last year after turning 50, the actor said the pressure he feels in Hollywood is more about staying relevant and interesting than looking like he's 25 again.

Lowe told Conan he credits his seemingly ageless look to consistent workouts, skipping alcohol and being a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

But all that adrenaline comes at a cost. You won't see Lowe out on the golf course anytime soon. He recalled an unfortunate 2007 celebrity golf tournament in which he literally got a birdie -- not the kind you'd imagine. Check out the hilarious video above to get details of the incident.

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