Rob Lutter Cycling The World, Sharing Story Via Instagram (PHOTOS)

Rob Lutter set off from London on an around-the-world journey in 2011, bringing with him only a tent, bike, SLR camera and iPhone.

Four months into his journey, Lutter discovered the joys of Instagram and began chronicling his travels using the popular app.

Two years later, Lutter has cycled over 9,000 miles, crossed 21 borders and raised over 2,000 British pounds for Water Aid. He's currently in Hong Kong preparing to head to Australia.

Lutter isn't the first person to tour the world using interesting methods. Late last year, Graham Hughes became the world's first person to visit every country on earth without flying. Earlier this year journalist Paul Salopek left his job to walk the world.

Check out some of Lutter's awesomest Instagram shots below and his blog on Instagram's site.

Rob Lutter's Instagram Trip