Rob Olson Accidentally Destroys Huge Minnesota Lawn With Weed And Grass Killer

You really have to read that fine print.

Rob Olson of Lake Elmo, Minn. just wanted to get rid of the weeds, but he accidentally destroyed his 40,000-square-foot lawn by covering it with an herbicide that kills grass too, according to KARE.

Now, Olson's grass is completely lifeless and he's upset the weed-control product wasn't more clearly labeled.

"I think the packaging should say right on it, this will kill your lawn," Olson told KARE.

Ferti-lome brand weed killer does warn buyers not to use on lawns or plants, but it does so in a packet attached to the back of the bottle.

Olson's lawn is the venue for the annual "Breathe Easy Music Fest," but with his yard in danger of turning to dust, Olson cancelled this year's event, which is a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Olson's boys, AJ and Jake, both suffer from the disease.

From the Breathe Easy site:

Immediate and aggressive treatment saved AJ's life and has been keeping both AJ and Jake healthy. This would not be possible without the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and people like you making donations.

You can still make a donation to the foundation here.

Olson's story didn't elicit much sympathy from Ebaum's World, who slapped this headline on the KARE piece: "Lawn Care 101, read ALL the directions before applying. That is all."