Rob Pattinson's Dior Ad Was Well Worth The Wait (VIDEO)

WHOA: Rob Pattinson's Dior Ad Was Worth The Wait

It's finally here... and it was worth the wait.

Rob Pattinson's Dior ad has finally been released online -- no more teasers and leaked photos of his blonde co-star or him lounging in a bathtub to drive us crazy.

No, now we have the actual commercial to drive us crazy. As confessed non-"Twilight" fans (vampires are not this author's jam), we'd forgotten just how drop-dead sexy Pattinson is. This black and white video, complete with a Led Zeppelin soundtrack and plenty of romping on the dance floor/bed/bathtub, is working wonders to remind us.

BRB, going to watch this video 10 more times.

We swear he looks better on video...


Robert Pattinson, Smolder Man

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