Bungling Bicycle-Riding Robbery Suspect Is Foiled By Wet Weather


This was not the greatest getaway the world has ever seen.

Police in York, Pennsylvania, are searching for a man who allegedly hit up a Members First Credit Union on Thursday afternoon ― but then dropped most of the stolen cash onto a sidewalk as he cycled away.

A store’s surveillance cameras captured the suspect marching back to the fallen bills and desperately scooping them up from a rain-slicked path.

The wet weather appeared to make it an increasingly tricky task as some of the money seemed to be almost glued to the ground. Presumably fearing he’d be spotted, the man returned to his bicycle and fled the scene ― leaving dozens of notes still scattered on the pavement.

It’s unclear how much money the man is alleged to have stolen. The credit union robbery occurred just nine minutes before the suspect was caught on camera.

Springettsbury Township Police Department shared the footage on Facebook on Saturday and later noted the video timestamp was wrong because the business that handed over the clip had set the date incorrectly.

 Anyone with information should contact the department at 717-757-3525.