Tulsa Robbers Make Victims Remove Pants

Robbers Making Victims Remove Pants

Tulsa police are trying to get their hands on two robbers who are making their victims remove their pants.

In the past week, the robbers held up two victims at a convenience store and a motel. In both cases, they demanded victims take off their pants.

That M.O. is puzzling to Tulsa Police Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

"You don't often see people getting their pants pulled off as part of a robbery," Watkins told Fox23.com.

One of the robberies occurred about 1:45 a.m. Sunday at an E-Z Mart when the victims were filling their gas tank. The suspects approached them holding what appeared to be a revolver and instructed one of the victims to remove his pants, TulsaWorld.com reported.

The two men then drove off in the car -- a Cadillac registered in Arkansas -- with the pilfered pants. The car was recovered a few hours later on the side of the road, according to the Associated Press.

A similar robbery happened outside a motel last Thursday where the suspects also asked the victims to remove their pants, KMRG.com reported.

Police said one of the robbers is described as black, 6 feet tall and about 165 pounds, while the other is described as black, 5 feet 6 inches tall about 165 pounds. Both men are between 18 to 22 years of age.

Anyone with information about either man is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS (2677).

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