Robbie Rogers, Gay Soccer Player, Talks to Chelsea Handler On 'Chelsea Lately' (VIDEO)

Robbie Rogers recently stopped by "Chelsea Lately" to chat with host Chelsea Handler about his life since coming out earlier this year.

Handler asks the soccer star about his coming out process and includes a question many people are curious about: How life is in the locker room as an out gay man?

Rogers jokes about the locker room situation (warning: Handler uses the phrase "hide the hotdog"), but then gets serious when she asks him about the upcoming Russian Olympics in light of the anti-gay policies that are in place in the country.

Since Rogers is against a boycott, he suggests a different strategy for the gay athletes competing in the games:

I encourage people to go, to be out, to be great role models, to compete and hopefully to win and not to hide any of that. I think that would be a bigger, more important symbol, a stronger message.

To watch Rogers discuss all these topics, check out the clip above.



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