Robert Cattani, Staten Island Plastic Surgeon, Suspended After 40+ Malpractice Suits

Another day, another sad story about botched plastic surgery.

The New York Post reports that Robert Cattani, a Staten Island plastic surgeon, has finally been suspended after over 40 malpractice suits in three decades.

Over the years, multiple patients went into Cattani's office completely unsuspecting and came out with totally botched surgeries: giant scars, loss of vision, dangerous blood loss.

To hear stories and even see photos of cosmetic procedures gone wrong is alarming enough. The bigger problem with Dr. Cattani, says the Post, is that his harmful ways went unnoticed for so long.

There are complaints about Cattani dating back to 2003 sitting in New York state's Office of Professional Medical Conduct. But it took until December 2011 for State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah to do something about it. This month, Cattani's license was suspended as his work "constitutes an imminent danger to [the] health of the people of this state," said the state.

Unfortunately, Cattani's story is just one of many instances of surgery gone wrong. Just last week France called for the mass removal of toxic breast implants, which were leading to over 2,000 women filing legal complaints. The silicone in the implants was not medical-grade nor sterilized, having potentially disastrous effects if leaked into the body.

The month before, a woman was arrested for "operating" on patients without a medical license -- and giving butt lifts by filling patients' bodies with cement, tire sealant and mineral oil.

And that's just two examples in the past two months. Below are a few more instances of plastic surgery gone very, very wrong. When are people going to realize that such operations are dangerous -- and more importantly, when are people going to realize that their bodies are beautiful just the way they are?

As we sit here shaking our heads, take a look at the slideshow and head to to read more about Dr. Cattani.

When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong