Robert De Niro Burns The GOP In Most Unexpected Way On 'The Late Show'

The legendary actor carried out his political hit during the "The Colbert Questionert."

Robert De Niro, who once called Donald Trump’s stint as president “like living in an abusive household,” is no fan of the political party that put him in office either. (Watch the video below.)

Answering a round of softball questions with prepared responses during “The Colbert Questionert” on “The Late Show” Tuesday, the two-time Oscar winner zinged hard when he got the chance.

“What is the scariest animal?” host Stephen Colbert asked.

Republicans,” De Niro deadpanned without looking at his notes.

It was a buzz-worthy departure amid a flurry of queries like “apples or oranges?” and “cats or dogs?” But “The Irishman” star did have a lively response to “Describe the rest of your life in five words.”

Appearing to count in his head, the icon finally blurted out: “Oh, what the fuck happened?” and got bleeped.

De Niro has been a constant critic of the former president, even saying “Fuck Trump!” twice at the Tony Awards in 2018. He got bleeped for that, too.

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