Robert De Niro Believes Donald Trump Has 'Sullied The Presidency'

"It’s just beyond surreal what this guy has done."

Robert De Niro has spoken out about Donald Trump once again.

In a recent interview to promote the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, the actor was asked for his thoughts on the president’s recent proposal to cut funding from various arts programs across the country.

“I can’t articulate it well enough other than to say it’s ridiculous. It’s idiotic. This guy has sullied the presidency. He’s debased the presidency. It’s just beyond surreal what this guy has done,” De Niro told Rosanna Scotto on “Good Day New York.”

De Niro has shared his take on President Trump in the past, calling him “blatantly stupid” and “a punk” ― among many other things ― in a viral “Get Out The Vote” ad. He also said he’d like to punch the former “Apprentice” host in the face.

And while he clarified that he wouldn’t actually introduce his fists to the POTUS, De Niro does stand by all the other comments.

“He’s a mutt. Every word I said then I mean today. He has not changed,” De Niro said.

You can watch his interview with “Good Day New York” above.

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