Robert De Niro: Trump 'Did Something Wrong. He Has To Pay For It. Period.'

The president is a "lowlife, and he knows he's a lowlife," the actor said on "The View."

Actor Robert De Niro made an impassioned plea for the impeachment of “lowlife” Donald Trump — and took a swipe at the president’s grown children — in an appearance on “The View” Monday.

De Niro conceded that it doesn’t look like Trump will be found guilty in a Senate impeachment trial. But “no matter what happens ... we have to do this,” he said. “Symbolically, it means something. It’s a taint on his presidency — more than a taint. It’s a stain, one that he deeply deserves.” 

He added: “He has to take that punishment. He has to pay the consequences.” 

Asked what Republicans might do as a result of impeachment, De Niro cut in to say that Trump “did something wrong. He has to pay for it. Period.”  

He added that the president has “no idea of what his purpose in life as the president should be — and that is to pull the country together, to be for the people, to heal wounds, not to open them up and pour salt on them.”  

“He’s a lowlife,” the actor said, “and he knows he’s a lowlife.”

The actor also ripped the president’s grown children when co-host Joy Behar pointed out that De Niro has called the Trumps a “gangster family.” 

“I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what these kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them. I would disown them,” the actor said. 

“We’re at a crossroads,” De Niro warned, saying that if Trump wins another term, he would want to be “elected to a third term” and become “king for life.”

He added: “This guy has got to be taken seriously, and he’s got to be taken out of office.”

Check out De Niro’s comments in the video above — and find out why he would never play Trump onscreen.

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