Funny Or Die's Robert Durst Parody Will Have You Blinking In The Bathroom

It was just a matter of time before someone turned "The Jinx," HBO's six-part miniseries about Robert Durst, into a parody. Funny or Die re-created the show's ending, in which Durst confesses that he "killed them all" while still hooked up to his microphone in the bathroom. ("Them all" allegedly refers to his first wife Kathie Durst, former confidante Susan Berman and neighbor Morris Black.) Clearly the gruesome, mysterious deaths are no laughing matter, but Funny or Die pairs Durst's fictional revelations -- "I'm a little teapot"; "I was the Blair Witch"; "I'm gonna steal this nice lavalier microphone" -- with his propensity to blink for a ridiculous parody.