New Video Shows Robert Durst Peeing On Candy Counter At CVS

Newly released security video shows accused killer Robert Durst urinating on a candy counter at a Houston CVS last year.

In the video, the eccentric multimillionaire is seen walking up to the register and relieving himself as a customer and an employee recoil. Durst's lawyer, Chip Lewis, told Houston TV station KPRC that his client's behavior stemmed from recent medical procedures.

"This was a medical mishap, plain and simple. He had to go and he couldn't hold it," Lewis said. He added that Durst frequented the store and was well known and liked by the staff. Durst left the CVS before police arrived but later turned himself in.

Durst, who comes from a family of wealthy Manhattan real estate developers, ruined about $100 worth of candy in the Jully 2014 incident. He pleaded no contest to criminal mischief charges in December and was ordered to pay restitution to CVS.

The 72-year-old scion is currently in jail in Louisiana on federal weapons charges. He also faces a first-degree murder charge in California in connection with the execution-style killing of Susan Berman, a friend of Durst's who was found shot in the back of the head in Los Angeles in 2000.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged Durst with Berman's murder shortly after HBO aired a documentary series, "The Jinx," about Durst. The show detailed suspicions about his involvement in her killing, as well as the unsolved disappearance of his first wife and the killing and dismemberment of his neighbor in Texas.

Durst has an evidentiary hearing in court Thursday. His lawyers will attempt to settle affairs, including those stemming from the CVS incident, in the runup to his June 22 trial, KPRC reported.



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