Robert Duvall Shares What It Was Like to Work With His Wife Luciana In 'Wild Horses'

Robert Duvall's latest film is all in the family. In an interview with "The HuffPost Show" on Friday, Duvall described working with his wife Luciana Duvall in "Wild Horses," in theaters and on demand now, and joked that she had a leg up on the competition for her role.

"To get it straight, she sleeps with the director, so that's why she got the part," Duvall laughed.

Luciana played along and agreed that their relationship was a factor in the casting process.

"That's the only reason I took the part, really. [He's the] only director I want to sleep with," she joked.

Luciana then took a more serious tone and weighed in on her husband's directing style. While some directors try to "force" actors to connect," Robert takes a more hands off approach, she told host Roy Sekoff.

"Bob is very good with allowing you to be in touch with yourself. Like there were some scenes where sometimes you don't connect. Actors, sometimes, they come on the set and they don't connect with the scene," she said. "Sometimes directors want them to connect with the scene, with something that is not there, so they force them to do something that is not available right now. And Bob, he said, 'It's just fine.'"

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