Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Explains Why He's Opposed To Cape Wind (VIDEO)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has always been a outspoken environmentalist, making bold statements against the coal industry and the perils of global warming. And while he is a strong proponent of renewable energy, Kennedy is just as passionately an opponent of the recently-approved Cape Wind project. He outlined his opposition to the project moving forward in a New York Times op-ed back in 2005.

The project was approved in April, and Kennedy is still just as staunchly opposed, arguing that it will put hundreds of commercial fishermen on the South Cape out of work, Kennedy said in an interview with Plum TV.

"I've worked with the commercial fishermen for 25 years on environmental issues, and they came to me when this was first proposed," Kennedy said. "And they said, 'Bobby, we've stood shoulder to shoulder with you on every environmental issue for the past 20 years, and now you environmentalists are going to steal our livelihoods by putting your wind farms in the middle of our most abundant fishery?'"

WATCH Kennedy explain his opposition: