German Cycling Team Has 'Quad Off': Robert Förstemann Wins With Enormous Quads (PHOTO)

Are you wondering what the Olympic athletes are doing to pass the time before they compete in competitions they've trained their entire lives for?

If you're part of the German men's cycling team, then you pass the time by pulling down your pants and having a good old fashioned "quad off."

On Thursday, New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson tweeted a photo of two German cyclists, who look like they've done more than a few super squats:

The smaller set of legs belong to 30-year-old André Greipel, a member of the German men's cycling team, while the monster-sized quads next to him belong to Robert Förstemann -- a German track cyclist, who was the UCI Track Cycling world champion in team sprints in 2010.

It has to sting a little to lose a competition before the games had even begun, but Greiple proved he's a good sport and retweeted Henderson's photo to his Twitter followers.

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