Robert Gibbs Confronts Hannity Over Anti-Semite Guest

You got to give credit to the American people, who managed to get through an entire evening of debate without ever once asking a question about William Ayers. It's almost as if the public has more pressing things on their minds these days. Of course, this is what everyone's been talking about since the weekend! What if they gave a debate and no one came with discussion of the voguish idiot question du jour?

Well rest assured, America, after the debate there was one venue where discussion on Ayers came hot and heavy: the Fox News Channel. I think it's all they talked about, actually! Everytime we tuned over to Fox, it was "YAAAAAAGHH OBAMA'S TERRORIST PAL!" Fred Thompson wanted to talk about it! Karl Rove wanted to talk about. And most of all, Sean Hannity wanted to talk about it with Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, who'd already endured the business end of Mark Halperin's idiot vlog on the subject. Well, finally, Gibbs decided he just wasn't having any more of it, and in precisely the sort of parry that one wanted to see turned the guilt-by-association game on Hannity, asking him, "Are you anti-Semitic?" Soon, the conversation was a mess of yelling and crosstalk, with Gibbs loudly asking why Hannity would give a hatemonger a primo forum, and Hannity responding, "BENJAMIN NETANYAHU BLURBED MY BOOK! YAAHHHH! LOUD NOISES!"

Why'd he ask that? Oh, because Sean Hannity built an entire smear-job "news" program around the lunatic ravings of an anti-Semitic loon named Andy Martin. He's not the only man of that ilk that Hannity pals around with, either. Hannity protested that he's a friend of Israel, and that it's important for Fox News to respect the viewpoints of crackpots like Martin. Not to repeat ourselves, but that's why Hannity puts the "Sean" in "shonde."


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