ESPN Analyst Robert Griffin III Jokes About Player's Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The former Heisman Trophy winner jokingly compared Antonio Brown's alleged pool behavior to the game between the Seahawks and the Lions.

ESPN’s Robert Griffin III, a former NFL quarterback, appeared to joke about alleged sexual misconduct involving troubled receiver Antonio Brown during the Seahawks-Lions game on Sunday.

A video surfaced recently of Brown allegedly exposing himself to a woman he reportedly just met and grabbing her at a hotel pool in Dubai. The New York Post wrote that the woman was “fuming” over the incident, but few details of the May encounter have emerged.

Maybe Sunday was not the best time to yuk it up amid a high-scoring game (48-45 in favor of the Seahawks).

But Griffin, a football analyst for the sports network, went there.

Robert Griffin III's tweet.
Robert Griffin III's tweet.

One broadcasting counterpart reminded Griffin that the actions of Brown, who hasn’t played in the league since stripping to the waist and running off the field during a game in January, was out of bounds.

“Bruh what AB did was sexual harassment,” wrote SNY’s Chris Williamson.

ESPN declined to comment.

Griffin, a former Heisman Trophy winner who played his last NFL game in 2020, criticized the NFL for being lenient in its 11-game suspension of Deshaun Watson, who was accused of sexual misconduct by two-dozen women.

In 2021 Brown settled a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault.

Griffin’s lighthearted take on what could be another incident didn’t go over well with fans on Twitter.

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