The Redskins-Robert Griffin III Saga Has Now Derailed Into Social Media Ridiculousness

The true loser in this ordeal: the intern.

Hey, hi, hello. Welcome to 2015, where athletes don't need to actually comment, nor even post a comment to stir up controversy.

 Nope. Because when your every move on social media can be tracked, even just "liking" a photo can send that subtle subtext-filled jab.

 At least that's what Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III did when his account "liked" a post on Instagram that criticized the Washington franchise. Griffin, if you may recall, has lost his starting spot and more or less any relevance or confidence with the team.

While Griffin is far from perfect, both the front office and head coach Jay Gruden have been criticized for their total and continued mismanagement of the 2012 No. 2 overall draft pick.

So it would be pretty easy to understand Griffin's low-key shade. 

Except of course, the football player said on Instagram (of course) that it wasn't him.

Remember, folks, this is Washington we're talking about. A city that is run by interns. So why not blame them? Seems to work out pretty well for everyone else in that town.

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on

Along with the image, Griffin's caption read:

I just wanted to set the record straight on this one. I did not "like" that IG post ridiculing our team. I have not been social media active consistently for awhile now and am ultra-focused on working to get back on the field and trying to help this team. One of our interns who helps with Instagram liked the post. As soon as I was made aware of it, it was immediately unliked. That is not how I feel and I appreciate your understanding. #HTTR

 To be honest, it's just surprising it took this long for off-the-field drama to unfold in this debacle.

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