Robert Guthrie's Stylish New Orleans Home Was Originally A... Gas Station? (VIDEO)

How one artist turned a very unattractive (and stinky) building into a gorgeous loft.

There's nothing that piques our interest more than an awesome home conversion. So when we saw artist Robert Guthrie's New Orleans home, we had to share.

Featured on HGTV's "You Live In What?", we see how Guthrie took an old rundown gas station and turned it into a gorgeous two-floor loft. He even kept some original features including bay doors and an eye-catching vintage window fan. To commemorate its history and keep the design cohesive, Guthrie decorated his entire home with a car theme. We're particularly impressed with the downstairs bathroom that has cool subway tiles and a Gulf logo that totally go with the motif, but are still modern and stylish.

Check out the clip above to see and be sure to click through our slideshow to see other home conversions.

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