Robert Kardashian's Widow, Ellen Kardashian, Continues To Spread Rumors About Late Attorney's Family

Robert Kardashian's widow, Ellen Kardashian, continues her apparent campaign against her late husband's family by spreading more rumors about the reality TV clan.

The fourth wife of the famed late attorney, whom he married two months before his death in 2003, has released what she claims are her late husband's diaries from 1989 and 1990, which paint his then-wife Kris Jenner as more of a monster than a mother.

The journal entries make allegations of child abuse against Jenner, detailing that on one occasion in August 1989, "Kris was kicking and beating her and said she was going to kill [Kim]."

Ellen claims the journals are authentic and told In Touch, “This was a nightmare for [Robert]… he hated to see them suffer."

A rep for the Kardashian-Jenner family has denied the allegations, telling Gossip Cop they had "no knowledge of these diaries existing and these accusations are ridiculous and not true.” Even without the family's statement the claims seem dubious at best given that Ellen seems to pop up every few months with bombshells about the family.

This is the same woman who last year alleged that Robert's youngest daughter Khloe was not his biological child, but the product of an affair. Despite proof that Khloe is a biological Kardashian, Ellen continues to rehash her theories, even speaking to Life & Style magazine about it just last week -- a full year after she made the initial allegations.

What makes her claims to the authenticity of the journals even more suspect is the fact that she waited all this time to come forward with them, and the fact that she and her late husband's family clearly do not get along. Following her initial allegations about her former step-daughter's paternity last January, Khloe addressed the claims by tweeting:

"The audacity you have to mention my father's name like this! Should be ashamed of urself," and "I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low... YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are)."

With the most recent round of allegations, the feud between the Kardashians and their father's widow doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

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