Alleged Naked Lawn Waterer Making A Big Splash With Viral Arrest Photo

Police said he put on some shorts before attempting to attack them with a knife.

A California man was arrested after allegedly watering his lawn while naked, but it's his apparently gleeful arrest photo that's really getting people's attention. 

Robert Lopez was arrested Wednesday evening after a series of events that began when neighbors in Kingsburg, California, reported the purported nude yardwork to Fresno County Deputies, according to a news release.

When the officers arrived at the suspect's home, he was drinking beer and still naked. They suggested he put on some clothes, but he refused, according to the police report.

Instead, he allegedly cursed at the deputy and threw a glass beer bottle at him, which hit a chain link fence.

Deputies said Lopez threatened to get a gun and shoot the officers. He then allegedly put on a pair of shorts and went inside before returning with an 8-inch knife.

The officers got the knife away from him, but say he threw a beer bottle at them before an assisting deputy fired a bean bag round at Lopez's stomach, which caused him to drop to the ground. 

After officers put handcuffs on Lopez, he smiled and stuck his tongue out for an the arrest photo seen above.

Officers then took Lopez into custody at the Fresno County Jail where he took a much more sedate photo for his mug shot.

Lopez remains on $66,000 bail, but is facing felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and a misdemeanor for indecent exposure, according to KMPH radio. 

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