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Robert Morris Shipped Meth In Meow Mix Bag, According To Florida Police

♫ Meth-meth-meth-meth, meth-meth-meth-meth. Meth-meth-meth-meth. Meth-meth-meth-meth! ♫

It might sound like a botched version of the Meow Mix jingle sung by a cat with a lisp -- but it's actually what police in Florida say they found inside a bag of the popular cat food brand.

Officers from the Lake County Sheriff's Office have arrested Robert Morris, 48, after he allegedly tried to pick up a FedEx package containing a bag of Meow Mix stuffed with $30,000 of crystal methamphetamine.

The strange case started when a title company in Leesburg received a parcel addressed to a client in Washington. Workers were suspicious because nobody was expecting the package, so they turned it over to police, according to a Sheriff's Office press release.

When cops opened it up, they found a bag of feline food stuffed with about 260 grams of the dangerous amphetamine.

While police investigated the case, Morris allegedly called the title company and asked if the package had been delivered.

With that information, undercover detectives scheduled a meeting with the suspect in a restaurant parking lot to hand over the package.

After Morris allegedly accepted the drugs, police locked him up.

As the president-elect of the Realtor's Association of Lake and Sumter Counties, Morris was considered an esteemed member of the local real estate community, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

He has been charged with trafficking over 200 grams of methamphetamine and resisting arrest. His bond has been set at $500,500.


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