Texas County GOP Chair Has A Shocking Plan For Closeted Republicans

Robert Morrow says he "loves exposing sexual hypocrites" in the GOP.

The newly-elected chair of the Republican party in Texas's Travis county says he plans to out GOP members who take an active stance against LGBT rights, but are secretly gay or bisexual themselves. 

Travis County Republican Chair-Elect Robert Morrow, who won his seat March 1 with 54 percent of the vote, said in a March 5 interview with Time Warner Cable News that he plans on "flushing the commode on the corroded rectum of American politics." Part of that, he said, involves outing "wildly political" conservative lawmakers who happen to be in the closet. 

"I just love exposing these sexual hypocrites in the Republican Party, especially these closeted homosexuals," he told TWC's Stef Manisero in the interview, which can be viewed above (WARNING: contains graphic language). "If you find out a politician is secretly a gay guy, and he’s religious right on the outside, we have a problem there." 

Morrow has previously claimed that Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama are both gay or bisexual, The New Civil Rights Movement reports. Although he re-iterated those views on both Democrats, Morrow saved most of his criticism for fellow Republicans, using extremely graphic language to suggest that former presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, as well as former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, are all gay and in the closet. 

As to why a politician's sexuality would be relevant to the American democratic process, Morrow said, "If you find out who somebody's f**king, it tells you a lot about them. ...You know, there are a lot of homosexuals in Austin, Texas, who can tell you what a queer Rick Perry is. And there are a certain amount who can tell you about George W. Bush and also George Herbert Walker Bush."

Throughout the interview, Morrow pointed to his controversial and "caustic" presence on Facebook and Twitter. It turns out, he wasn't kidding, as many of his tweets on his purported Twitter account are laced with explicit, anti-gay language. 

Good luck with that pledge, Mr. Morrow. Talk about some truly twisted (and frightening) logic at work.



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