Fever Pitch: Speculation Rampant That Mueller Report Will Drop At Any Minute

"Can you just feel the tension?”

Speculation is running rampant on social media that special counsel Robert Mueller is about to file his report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and allegations of collusion with the campaign of President Donald Trump.

Can you just feel the tension?” asked CNN’s Don Lemon late Thursday. “The White House, Congress, all of us, on pins and needles with the Mueller report expected to drop at any time now.”

“I just don’t see a wrap on it at this time,” John Dean, a central figure in the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard M. Nixon, said on CNN.

Dean also speculated that the White House itself could be generating rumors that the report was about to come out. Then when it doesn’t, it’ll seem like the investigation is being dragged out. 

Over on ABC, chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl reported late Thursday that no more indictments were expected, another sign the investigation was just about done. 

And on MSNBC, they managed to turn a grainy photo of Mueller arriving in his car for work into a story. 

In other words, no one seems to know much of anything for certain. And it’s just about driving Twitter users wild with apprehension:

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