Robert Pattinson And Charlie Hunnam Each Dropped 35 Pounds For New Movie

"The Lost City of Z" is an adventure epic featuring a bearded and bespectacled RPatz.

To escape your status as an on-screen heartthrob, it’s most likely best to accept a role in a historical adventure epic shot in the jungles of Colombia, where you’re secluded from all technology and screaming fans. There, apparently, you’ll also be able to drop 30-plus pounds.

That’s exactly what Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam did for their new movie, “The Lost City of Z.” The “Twilight” star and the “Sons of Anarchy” actor went full-on method for their roles in the James Gray–helmed film, which tells the true-life story of British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett (Hunnam), who returns to his beloved Amazonia time and time again with his aide-de-camp, Cpl. Henry Costin (Pattinson), in an attempt to prove that a secret civilization exists there. The travels culminate in Fawcett’s disappearance, which is still a mystery today.

In order to truly portray these jungle-hungry explorers, Hunnam and Pattinson let their muscled physiques dwindle down, and both lost some 35 pounds.

“I don’t think I was too much fun to be around,” Hunnam told “Good Morning America” in a taped segment that aired Tuesday. Pattinson, who also grew a beard and wore glasses for the film, added, “The main conversation was us saying like, ‘Did you eat a second egg this morning?’”

Hunnam said that if either of them went off set for a moment, the other would be “suspicious” that he was sneaking a snack. But it was all for the craft!

Robert Pattinson in "The Lost City of Z." 
Robert Pattinson in "The Lost City of Z." 

The actors even made themselves disappear, in a way, by unplugging from the world for months. 

“It’s incredible,” Pattinson laughed, explaining that being disconnected from everything was a nice escape. “’I’m sorry, I have to go for six months and I am deeply in character. Don’t call me.’” 

“I didn’t use email once, I didn’t go on a computer, I didn’t make a phone call for four months. It was so liberating,” Hunnam added. 

“The Lost City of Z” hits limited theaters Friday. 

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