Robert Pattinson Back Together With Kristen Stewart?

Have Kristen Stewart's prayers been answered?

Last week it was reported that the 22-year-old actress was praying that Robert Pattinson would take her back, and according to new reports, the "Twilight" star has finally found a way to forgive her for cheating on him.

The Sun reports that Pattinson had a "heart-to-heart" with his girlfriend of four years and has forgiven her "stupid mistake." Sources told the U.K. tabloid that the couple "pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other," and after many long, tear-filled talks, they've finally worked things out.

There have been few real facts reported about Stewart and Pattinson's relationship since the cheating scandal broke, but it's noteworthy that Stewart was confident that she and Pattinson would be "totally fine" when they have to promote "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" this November. Stewart's confidence that the press tour will go on without issue could perhaps mean she believes Pattinson will be able to forgive and forget.

But have they really reconciled? It's possible, but doubtful given the sheer number of false reports about their relationship in recent weeks. Last week it was reported that Stewart was seen flirting with James Franco in Toronto , though the two apparently never crossed paths, and there were more bizarre reports that she was fighting with Pattinson about houseplants -- yes, houseplants -- they once shared.

It has also been reported that executives at Summit Entertainment are hoping the couple would reconcile in time to promote "Breaking Dawn - Part 2. " Though the pair's relationship woes have given the film massive amounts of free publicity, a reconciliation could be a strong selling point for the film's love story. As the press tour -- which is slated for November -- inches closer, it seems likely that we'll continue to hear unsubstantiated reports that "Robsten" are back on.

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